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The Asian Cup local organising committee has teamed up with the
ACT Government to bring a giant football balloon from the US for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular.
It kicked off on Saturday and continues until Sunday, March 16.
Balloons will launch from the lawns of Old Parliament House from 6.30am 7am
each morning.. The current formula for the NHL salary cap takes into account league revenue to calculate the midpoint of the payroll range, adds five
per cent to that midpoint in every league, then adds and subtracts $8 million to determine the
upper and lower points of the salary cap. It has also resulted in the salary cap going from
a limit of $39 million in 2005 06, the first year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, to $70.2 million for the upcoming
hockey season, as recently reported by the NHL. With the salary cap going
up so high every year, is there really any point in having one?

Should the NHL be placing stronger restrictions on the salary cap to
keep its Upper Limit from going so high?.

[img]http://media2.picsearch.com/is?d14XxpOQU2m-Rt5I_MoqqpUjdehQ_ATgflvvM41CnIQ">He averaged 34.5 points per
game in the post season.23. The jersey, need I say more? David Beckham revealed he wore the No 23 because of
Jordan.24. Jordan's highest scoring game at the Olympics came
in 1984. As Canberra freezes through yet another morning, spare a thought for a group of women who are braving the cold for a good cause.

Canberra's Dragons Abreast team will head to Hong Kong in July to take part in the Breast Cancer
Survivors Championship on Victoria Harbour,
linking up with five members of the Bidgee Dragons
Abreast crew from Wagga Wagga, four Canadian women and an ex Canberran now living in the US.
The 11 Canberra women have been sacrificing their Saturday
mornings for early training sessions on Lake Burley Griffin to ensure they
are ready for the big event. cheap jerseys

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